CIMdata & SpecPage Present Free Webinar on ROI for PLM Deployments in the Food and Beverage Industry

Attendees will learn strategies for using product lifecycle management platforms to offset costs and increase speed to market

(TAMPA, Fla., April 10, 2018) — Global leader of innovative solutions for the recipe-based manufacturing industry, SpecPage, will host a free webinar, “ROI for PLM Deployments in the Food & Beverage Industry,” on April 12 in partnership with CIMdata, the leader in PLM education, research and strategic management consulting.

The webinar features industry experts Severin Weiss, CEO of SpecPage; Tom Gill, enterprise value & integration practice manager at CIMdata; and Milan Vacval, vice president, professional services at SpecPage, as they address how food and beverage manufacturers can use a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to increase speed to market and control product cost, traceability and regulatory compliance issues.

To support growth and success in recipe-based production, manufacturers need a comprehensive, adaptive solution that features data as a strategic asset. The webinar provides an overview of the essential benefits of implementing a PLM to offset costs, including controlled product management, data governance and timely, accurate product specific regulatory compliance.

Attendees will learn the benefits of using a PLM platform, including:

  • Revenue growth
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Product and process cost reduction anywhere in the lifecycle
  • Cost avoidance

“The truth of the matter is that every time you scrap or revise a project or process, you are losing money,” said Severin Weiss, CEO and chairman of SpecPage. “Product development is too often stymied by lost, fragmented or untraceable documents, pushing up hard and soft costs and slowing down the process. By implementing an end-to-end secure and transparent data management system, food and beverage companies can optimize their process and eliminate confusion, errors and costs. Our presentation will empower product development executives to develop a realistic ROI for implementing a PLM to win support from company decision-makers.”

About SpecPage

SpecPage is a global leader in innovative, enhanced digital solutions for the recipe-based manufacturing

industry. SpecPage’s advanced, user-friendly software solutions were designed to accurately integrate and provide cross-functional support for the most complex aspects of recipe-based product development. Focused on helping companies achieve sustained growth and success across global markets, SpecPage provides seamless, connected, data driven solutions. To learn more, visit

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