SpecPage’s GTIN-Connector enables Eckes-Granini to automate master data exchange directly from SAP®

SpecPage’s GTIN-Connector enables Eckes-Granini to automate master data exchange directly from SAP®2019-04-08T11:54:34+02:00

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Eckes-Granini Germany GmbH with headquarters in Nieder-Olm near Mainz is an independent family business with an annual revenue of 899 million Euros and is the leading producer of fruit drinks in Europe. The company’s brands Granini, Eckes Traubensaft, Pago, Yo, FruchtTiger and Hohes C, amongst others, stand for quality across Europe.

Like 15,000 businesses worldwide, Eckes-Granini Germany uses the 1WorldSync data pool to exchange data with its trade partners. As a result of the food information regulation EU No. 1169/2011 and the simultaneous changeover of the SINFOS data pool to WS2, Eckes-Granini reviewed its data preparation and transfer procedures with a view to improve them.

The EU food information regulation demands additional attributes causing increased manual tasks. This can lead to errors and slow processing. SpecPage’s GTIN-Connector offers Eckes-Granini a practical tool allowing for fast and eficient exchange of accurate product data.

Prior to the new release of 1WorldSync, Eckes-Granini Germany’s staff members recorded necessary master data manually in the online data pool. Relevant attributes had to be arduously gathered from different subsystems and departments.

Eckes-Granini assessed the costs and benefits of different providers and approaches, and concluded that SpecPage’s SAP®-integrated GTIN-Connector provides the ideal solution for them.

SpecPage is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for the food and beverage industry and is a certified technology partner of 1WorldSync. The company offers GTIN-Connector, a SAP® add-on for the preparation, validation and automated publication of master data through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).

Eckes-Granini – Automated master data exchange directly from SAP®

«GTIN-Connector substantially simplifies the publication of our master data, which is automatically being verified prior to pool transfer. We also receive direct feedback from our trade partners allowing us to continuously improve our data quality.»

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Hagen Hamann, Manager Corporate Master Data Management, Eckes-Granini

GDSN is a worldwide network of over 30 certified data pools to which more than 35,000 companies are connected. Beverage producers such as Eckes-Granini can easily exchange standardized and synchronized product information with trade partners and customers across the globe, saving time, reducing distribution costs and ensuring coherence.

SpecPage’s GTIN-Connector compiles GDSN-relevant attributes in a central SAP® system and validates master data prior to data pool transfer. Protocols and feedback from trade partners are processed automatically, improving the quality of product information.

The implementation project for Eckes-Granini Germany comprised two phases. First, the project team at Eckes-Granini together with SpecPage reviewed every relevant attribute, including its origin in the SAP® or subsystem. Second, SpecPage then integrated the GTIN-Connector in Eckes-Granini’s SAP® system, customizing individual procurement routines according to their needs.

The project took five months only, from briefing and customizing, to testing and go-live. Technical challenges such as additional new attributes (fields) that had to be integrated, tedious testing procedures and SAP® transfers turned out to be important lessons for the future.

GTIN-Connector is an indispensable tool for master data management ensuring consistent and accurate information across the supply chain. Due to increased consumer demands with respect to information as well as automation of logistics in the industry, GTIN-Connector also offers an important tool to improve relationships between trade partners.

In Eckes-Granini Germany’s case, the management and exchange of master data via the 1WorldSync data pool has been simplified substantially and manual tasks minimized. Articles no longer have to be created individually for every distributor.

Eckes-Granini Germany publishes 280 articles and 1,000 packaging units in the GDSN and has found a strong partner in SpecPage to be prepared for future data pool developments and meeting the ever increasing needs of their trade partners. The company is currently also assessing a possible roll-out in other European countries such as Finland.

Eckes-Granini – Automated master data exchange directly from SAP®

«Prior to integrating GTIN-Connector, we had to arduously gather master data from different subsystems and departments.»

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Hagen Hamann, Manager Corporate Master Data Management, Eckes-Granini

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