Odenwald-Früchte GmbH develops new products with OS-PDM software

Zürich (Switzerland), Breuberg (Germany), February 18, 2008. – Odenwald-Früchte GmbH, manufacturer of fruit preserves, confiture and reduced-calorie fruit products decided to use the product development application SpecPDM. The flexible solution of the Swiss software company SpecPage has been adapted to the particular needs of Odenwald-Früchte. SpecPDM was the choice „because of its logical structure and flexibility”, according to Olaf Hoffmann, development manager at Odenwald-Früchte.

With a comprehensive material- and formula-administration and an easy-to-use declaration feature SpecPDM software represents the functional counterpart in the development department compared to the ERP-system in the production. „Thanks to SpecPDM, we are able to develop innovative fruit products faster and more flexible. Documentation according to food regulation requirements, especially for the traceability and specification, is supported by the system”, explains Hoffmann.

The former isolated applications based on Excel had been replaced by the product development-suite and was integrated with the existing SAP-System. Seamless work is enabled with less media disruption and less sources of error, thus Odenwald can offer more „Fruit to enjoy“.

About Odenwald-Früchte
The company with head office in the Odenwald was founded in 1956 and ranks among the leading providers of preserved fruit in glass. Besides Odenwald labelled products the company markets preserved fruit and fruit spread under the brand natreen and premium confiture under the brand Bonne Maman.

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