Towards global Food & Beverage PDM security requirements

Just as cyberspace spans across market and regulatory regimes, continents and from island to island, so do vulnerabilities and attacks. In cyberspace, all businesses are in the same boat when it comes to security, yet each is subject to different regulatory requirements. If they could do it today for local markets, to truly benefit from global supply chains and be prepared for possible mergers and acquisitions, it makes a lot of sense for global businesses to ensure that in the least, their product lifecycle management security is aligned with global data security standards.

Getting SpecPage certified for the de facto cyber security standard ISO27001 gives your business immediate benefits with the knowledge that your product data management is secured like it should, meeting global standards. Every day we work hard to ensure that there are no weak links left in the product lifecycle management of your business. SpecPage certification will ensure that all the data processes are correct, certified and audited by independent quality professionals.

Predictability and compatibility through ISO27001 certification

The key outcome of the certification process is a baseline confidence that cyber security, or information security if we may, is properly managed in the company to be certified. In the case of SpecPage, this means the product lifecycle management services and software used are provided by a company whose cyber security processes are effectively managed, audited and controlled. Furthermore, security certification helps to ensure that there is existing and effective tractability of organizational capabilities to react and respond to any new threats.

In short: The certification acts as proof that the company providing Food & Beverage Master & Product Data Management (PDM) services and software for you is knowledgeable and has the processes in place to maintain its security capabilities and regular auditing processes. In addition, the certification means that the company’s top management is committed to security processes and policies, providing their assurance along these lines.

Whether running SpecPage solutions, such as SpecPDM, SpecLIMS, Supplier’s and Seller’s Guide, SAP GTIN Connector or GDSN Guide, on-premises or as SaaS, the company’s security certification plays an important role. The certification will have a direct impact on how software and services are integrated into essential business processes, as well as will help you engage with more sensitive supply chains and diverse global supplier networks.

Certified solution provider will push your PDM security to a global level

Growth in the Food & Beverage industry also implies that you need to respond to global de facto security requirements. Global supply chain networks can become deeper and more complex, and only when your PDM services are managed and the software provided by a certified company can you respond to the basic expectations of global businesses and customers.
Additionally , the Food & Beverage industry will experience more mergers and acquisitions between market segments and systems. Purchasing your essential product lifecycle management software and services from a certified provider ensures that you are at the level expected by future mergers and investors, and that you can integrate with global supply chains more seamlessly than ever.

ISO 27001

Furthermore, like any standard and regulatory compliance, knowing that your PDM software and services are managed by an ISO27001-certified entity will help you scale up your business. With certified and audited security processes in place, you can be sure that the PDM software and services you purchase can adapt to new emerging requirements and changes in the business environment, without compromising security, guaranteeing compliance with the minimal requirements expected by the industry.

Food & Beverage industry supply chain security

According to an ISO27001 Global Report 2016 published by ITGovernance UK, over half the respondents indicated that certification is a relevant tool for ensuring regulatory compliance. The same survey reported that over 70% of the respondents had indicated having been required to show proof of information security compliance, particularly in the form of ISO27001 certification, as a prerequisite to becoming part of a Food & Beverage supply chain.

Now, the certification of SpecPage will enable our customers to use the PDM and other software provided as SaaS or installed onsite tailored to the Food & Beverage industry, with the assurance that the SpecPage security processes are in place and fully functional.

It is worth noting that the certification is granted for business entities, not for any specific application or service. Therefore, even if you have implemented software and services from an ISO27001-certified provider, such as SpecPage in the near future, you may also need to consider certification of the end-user organization purchasing our product data management services. Recall that the certification has been described as a “globally accepted indication of security effectiveness,” thus giving strong indication to the commitment on the part of the company’s management towards maintaining good security practices and meeting requirements company-wide, not just for individual products or services. This is how certification will place companies on the world-wide map of responsible businesses.

Managing product compliance complexities

Regulatory compliance requirements on a global level can incur heavy costs for companies operating in the Food & Beverage sector. Using professional PDM/PLM services and software to manage complex product data information is of particular importance for many successful companies operating on this sector. However, the global supply chain and operating environment requires that data is easily available wherever it is needed across the global cyberspace, while at the same time, ensuring that all necessary precautions have been taken to prevent data breaches and industrial espionage. Whether using SaaS or on-premises software, you need to be absolutely certain that security processes are in place at the supplier organization and on par with global expectations.

Product data details are core business assets and must remain available but secure at all times. PDM partners like SpecPage are a crucial enabler at this point for companies to be able to globally match accepted security and compliance thresholds across varying regulatory frameworks and market segments.

We value certification as an immediate benefit for our customers, from day one. In any case, we know that with certification, our services will be well matched to global cyberspace requirements and therefore, open up new business opportunities for our customers, while enhancing and developing their supply chains and product data management to ensure profitability and growth.

Furthermore, we hope that certification will improve the Food & Beverage industry as a whole, along with its multiple long goods and services supply chains. Supply chain companies have been recent targets by hackers because they often have less resources for protection and defense from such attacks. By certifying, on top of the PDM services and software SpecPage already offers, we hope to contribute towards deterring future cyberattacks in this vital important industry sector.


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