#PIMcontinued… 10 reasons to improve data quality

#PIMcontinued…10 reasons to improve data quality

1. Accurate and transparent information

PIM solutions provide simplicity and convenience – product descriptions, specifications, photos, videos and related documents can be managed in a single system. For consumers, this means that they can access consistent, reliable information about your products – at every point of sale. This is especially important for health-conscious consumers.

2. Get compliant and stay compliant

Product information management enables you to become and remain compliant with legal and regulatory requirements that apply to the food and beverage industry. It optimizes the data that consumers receive and updates in real time – to ensure all relevant data is current. PIMs updates are automatic – this guarantees that you do not have to worry about regulatory revisions when different countries update laws and regulations.

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3. Storytelling without words

In the recipe-based food and beverage industry, a picture is worth a thousand words…and sales. Packaging that displays attractive designs, photographs and printed color labels spur sales a million times better than plain plastic wrap. Consumer purchasing habits are divided between on and offline sales, so it is crucial that manufacturers tell consumers the story of their products, both on and offline. Consistent presentation is enormously advantageous – and product information management makes this easy. PIM enables you to enrich your master data with essential visual material and photos, which can be retrieved on-demand.

4. Faster time-to-market

Food engineers and recipe-based manufacturers who use product information management benefit from faster time-to-market. When manufacturers launch a new product, they can use PIM to quickly access all relevant information and distribute it over the necessary channels. This not only fulfills requirements related to information access and transparency, but also meets a key need for customer awareness. Transparency and accurate labeling are the primary factors for consumers who value fresh and healthy products.

5. Future proofing

Manufacturers who resist digitalization or wait too long to implement it will quickly find themselves at a severe competitive disadvantage. Competitors who have replaced antiquated systems with PIM easily meet consumer demands for information and transparency. Each modification – new or updated recipes – generates a tremendous amount of additional data. PIM allows you to produce seamless prototypes and updated applications. There is no transparency without traceability; an accurate digital data management profile is necessary to compete in your marketplace.

6. Increase growth

Competition in the recipe-based food and beverage industry is fierce – innovative manufacturers will thrive while stagnant organizations starve. Communication is vital; sharing data over product information management and the Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) – and making it available for third parties – is just good business. With PIM, not only will you be transparent and compliant, you will have access to substantial information regarding your competition. This allows you to profit from the experience of competitors, and to adjust USPs quickly and effortlessly.

7. Attract and retain great people

Attracting professional, competent employees to your organization allows for increased sales and sustained growth. Innovative organizations anticipate and exceed customer demands; they are forward-thinking – they attract the best, brightest and most productive employees. In turn, employees who are happy and proud to be a part of a successful and achievement-oriented organization provide the foundation for the continued success of your business. A happy, productive, stable work environment is imperative for sustained growth.

8. Digitally current

A product information management solution provides the tools you need for electronic catalogs, web content, blogs, and product catalogs. With the information PIM provides, your business will deliver transparent, traceable, consistent and up-to-date information to customers and consumers. Digital innovation and regulatory compliance ensures your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner – and wins customer confidence.

9. Customer service – rapid, proactive, personalized

In the current internet and social media environment, accuracy and speed of information rules. As soon as customers express a desire, it is fulfilled and replaced by another. Keeping up with rapidly changing consumer demands can be difficult and time-consuming – unless you employ product information management. PIM is the innovative solution for adaptive, flexible, personalized customer service and market adjustments.

10. Improved collaboration with retail segments

A product information management solution improves cooperation and collaboration with retailers. When an organization provides important product information via PIM over the GDSN, retailers can quickly view and understand product offerings. Related search functions allow retailers to research and custom-order products for their customers. This leads to satisfied customers and happy retailers – as it solidifies the partnerships and trust between manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

In a nutshell, working with an innovative product information management solution offers significant advantages for food engineers and recipe-based manufacturers. Organizations that become and remain efficient and effective are on the right track with PIM.


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