SpecPage & Koch Foods to Present at GS1 Connect on Addressing Data Quality and Regulatory Compliance

SpecPage, a global leader of innovative solutions for food engineers and recipe-based manufacturers will partner with Koch Foods, an industry leading manufacturer in poultry processing and multi-protein value-added products, to lead a presentation on data quality and regulatory compliance at the upcoming GS1 Connect conference. The presentation, “How to Generate Content to Address Data Quality/Regulatory Compliance,” will be led by industry experts Milan Vacval, vice president of professional services at SpecPage, and Gerry Leganski, vice president of operations at Koch Foods.
Key benefits include the assessment of specific processes and solutions for achieving data quality and regulatory compliance in the food and beverage industry. The presentation will specifically examine ways in which Koch Foods was able to leverage SpecPage solutions to manage an accurate and accessible flow of data between internal and external stakeholders to boost key compliance metrics. Attendees will learn how to adapt to growing customer expectations for transparency and traceability in food preparation and handling and accessible nutrition information.
This is the first public collaboration between SpecPage and Koch Foods. Koch Foods is one of the largest growers, manufacturers and processors of poultry in the U.S. SpecPage develops and supplies comprehensive software solutions with central storage and specification management to provide transparency and simplify global regulatory requirements for food and beverage manufacturers.
“There has been a dramatic shift in how consumers approach food and beverage purchases. No longer are they shopping on auto-pilot. Instead, they’re more savvy than ever – they search for products by function and attribute,” said Vacval. “For this reason, it is especially important for food and beverage companies to provide accurate information to customers – and to improve the overall efficiency of product development and lifecycle management. Our presentation will empower food and beverage executives with the knowledge they need to ensure compliance while boosting speed to market.” GS1 Connect brings trading partners together to network and learn about the value of using standards-based business processes and best practices for optimum efficiencies in managing the supply and demand sides of their value chain. The conference will highlight industry best practices, including how to collaborate to improve business processes and how to strengthen professional networks to foster innovation and growth. SpecPage and Koch Food’s presentation will take place from 2 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. on June 6.

To learn more about how SpecPage helps its clients ensure compliance, reduce costs and increase speed to market, click here.

About SpecPage SpecPage is a global leader in innovative, enhanced digital solutions for the recipebased manufacturing industry. SpecPage’s advanced, user-friendly software solutions were designed to accurately integrate and provide cross-functional support for the most complex aspects of recipe-based product development. Focused on helping companies achieve sustained growth and success across global markets, SpecPage provides seamless, connected, data driven solutions. To learn more, visit https://www.specpage.com/.

About Koch Foods Koch Foods is proud to be one of the largest poultry processors in the United States. It focuses on providing the highest quality products and unmatched service throughout the poultry growing, manufacturing and distribution processes. Its vast resources, vertically integrated capabilities and continual success in providing our partners with customized solutions have made it an industry leader.

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