SpecPage Partners with Horsa

Value Added Reseller agreement makes service and support for product lifecycle management solutions readily available in Italy and the UK

Kuessnacht, SWITZERLAND, April 2019 – SpecPage and Italian ICT group Horsa have signed a Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement. With several offices in Italy and a subsidiary in London, Horsa sets high value on proximity to customers and is ideally placed to support food and beverage producers in implementing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions into their development processes. Offering more than 20 years’ experience, Horsa is a leading system and solution integrator, well versed in designing, implementing and managing corporate IT solutions. SpecPage Partners with Horsa

“When we decided to expand our PLM service offering, SpecPage was the perfect partner because it possesses breadth and depth of technical expertise and is 100 per cent dedicated to partnering success,” said Cesare Tarricone, Division Manager at Horsa.

Designed to accelerate time to market, reduce production costs, increase product quality and improve regulatory compliance, SpecPage PLM solutions provide cross-functional support for the complexities of today’s formula-based product development lifecycles.

“Delivering innovative PLM software solutions uniquely designed for food and beverage companies, SpecPage focuses on achieving sustainable growth with seamless, connected, data-driven results,” stated Severin Weiss, CEO of SpecPage. “We are committed to an engaged relationship that brings tangible benefits to food and beverage producers and residual revenue opportunities for our partners.”

About SpecPage

SpecPage is the only global leader of enhanced digital PLM and PDM process solutions dedicated exclusively to food and beverage producers.  Their advanced, user-friendly software solutions were designed to accurately integrate and provide cross-functional support for the most complex aspects of formula-based product development. The company serves more than 300+ customers and is well-positioned on every continent.  Their sole focus is to help companies achieve and sustain growth and success across global markets by delivering seamless, connected, data driven solutions.  To learn more, visit www.specpage.com

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