SpecPage’s online portal solution increases efficiency for specification management in the food industry

Merlischachen-Küssnacht (Switzerland). April 9, 2013 – The online platform Supplier’s Guide is an efficient system for the specification management in the food industry where data can be collected online and easily and cost-efficiently exchanged with customers and suppliers.

The portal solution was developed in collaboration with Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, yet it is also being used by customers such as Dreidoppel, Fortitech and over 1000 suppliers.

Administrative expenses for the specification management are substantially reduced by the portal solution. Producers determine what information and documents they require their suppliers to record in the predefined forms including necessary certificates. The entire workflow and electronic approval takes place Supplier’s Guide. The available data can then be imported into the database of the production company and directly been processed there. Thus, errors that may occur during manual data transmission will be avoided. Not only time and costs will be saved, but also the data integrity is significantly increased. With a SSL-encrypted login and fully encrypted data sets the sensitive data is protected at its best. Supplier’s Guide creates a centralised system for managing specifications that can be updated fast and flexibly. All raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and packaging with their product-related data (eg. nutrition calculation, allergens, vitamins, ingredients, production processes and product labelling) are managed. The online solution can easily be integrated into existing ERP systems, such as SAP, Navision or CBS. Of course, the recipe and formula management system SpecPDM of Object Solutions is fully supported.

The portal is open to companies who pursue an effective and cost-efficient specification management. The platform can be implemented without any investment costs thanks to its low-cost pay-per-use access. A free trial access can be requested.

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