Sweet recipes at Chocolat Bernrain and Salzburg Schokolade are created with SpecPDM

Zürich (Switzerland), August 4, 2009. – Chocolat Bernrain AG based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland and the Austrian Salzburg Schokolade GmbH, producer of the famous Mozartkugeln, manufacture chocolate products that are exported all over the world.

Both companies have decided in favour of the formulation and specification software SpecPDM of SpecPage to simplify the development process and automate their specification processes. SpecPDM supports the firms to optimize recipes current and automatically generates ready-made food specifications with lists of ingredients including Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) in real time. The confectionery manufacturers use special calculation options designed for the chocolate industry with automated calculations of cocoa content, milk solids, milk fat and other parameters.

Besides the organization of complex bio-and tariff settlements in relation to individual recipe components (including fair trade, Knospe) consistent specification processes must be met to guarantee long-term traceability.

Both companies have multiple locations and access to a central database. Thus, they achieve a better collaboration and accelerate their development efforts in different plants.

About Chocolat Bernrain AG
Chocolat Bernrain was founded in 1932 in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The company manufactures industrial chocolate products, semi-finished products, private-label chocolate and chocolate for consumers. In 1988 Chocolat Stella with headquarters in Giubiasco steps into Chocholat Bernrain Group. In 1999 the worldwide exporting company receives the certificate to produce organic chocolate. In addition, other niche markets are served with fair trade, kosher, or allergy sensitive products.

About Salzburg Schokolade
Salzburg Schokolade is a chocolate candy manufacturer rich in tradition at the gates of Vienna, Austria. The roots reach back to the 19th century and the company is 100% family owned and belongs to the Pöll group of companies. Famous is the genuine Salzburg Mozartkugel of Mirabell, which is exclusively produced in Grödig for Kraft Food. Kraft Foods is owner of the Mirabell trademark and sells these Austrian specialties worldwide.

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