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SpecPage is a global leader in innovative, enhanced digital solutions for recipe-based manufacturers in the food and beverage industry – we are the only product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) process solution vendor uniquely dedicated to food and beverage producers.

Our advanced, user-friendly software solutions are designed to seamslessly integrate and provide cross-functional support for the most complex aspects of formula and recipe-based product development.To achieve sustained growth and success – and to compete in global markets – manufacturers require seamless, connected, data-driven solutions. SpecPage delivers a quickstart, out-of-the-box, enhanced PLM solution that accelerates time-to-market, improves product quality, employs digitization to increase revenue and return on investment, while supporting global regulatory compliance and reducing production costs.

With SpecPage’s innovative solutions, food and beverage product manufacturers can become more efficient and effective from end-to-end; deploy a trusted, agile product development system to minimize your risk, enabling you to use your data as a flexible and valued strategic asset.

Specpage digital transformation

Innovation for digital transformation

At SpecPage we believe in a culture of transparency, fair trade and engaged continuous improvements.  Quality management, superior customer service and excellent performance to ensure the highest possible standards – delivered to every client, every day.

Harnessing the power of SpecPage innovation to provide solutions now increases return on your investment for decades to come.  PLM digital transformation helps food and beverage manufacturers leverage data for strategic competitive advantages:

Increased revenue
Improved global regulatory compliance
Global sustainability
Reduced cost, improved product quality

SpecPage, who we are

For nearly two decades our company founders have sought innovative solutions to help formula and recipe-based food and beverage manufacturers produce better quality products for less – while complying with increasingly stringent global regulatory compliance challenges.

Serial entrepreneurs Peter Atzenweiler and Severin Weiss founded Object Solutions in Switzerland in 2006 as a dedicated software and digital process remedy to help food manufacturers streamline and grow their businesses. They understood that tangible, rapid returns on investment were crucial to the success of producers who often operate on razor-thin profit margins.

By eliminating formula and specifications spreadsheets and helping organizations digitize, our founders knew that traceability, transparency, and leveraging data as a strategic asset with a quickstart out-of-the-box solution could accelerate time to market and increase revenue more quickly than with any other process solution.

SpecPDM is first-in-class – a simple, innovative product data management platform to integrate and provide support from end-to-end, for the entire lifecycle of each product.

The company quickly grew throughout Europe, and in 2010 we began expanding internationally. In 2015 we expanded to the United States and acquired SpecPage, rebranded the company and integrated an additional acquisition, GLN-Data, a German SAP provider for GS1-GDSN.

In 2017, SpecPage expanded to China and the Asia-Pacific – the company now has clients on every continent, in every conceivable segment of the food and beverage industry.


Where we are

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Information Security Management

To support growth and success in recipe-based production, manufacturers need a comprehensive, adaptable solution that features data as a strategic asset. The protection of proprietary data and the organizational security measures that SpecPage employs for data protection, improper use and prevention of unauthorized access is crucial for information security management.

SpecPage has developed and employs a risk-engaged culture. This begins at the executive level and permeates our organization. SpecPage earned the coveted ISO 27001 certification and is in constant compliance with information security requirements in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 standards. This achievement required peak-level integrity and organization-wide ethics and best practices – clearly demonstrating that not only our data, but our clients’ data is protected and supported by systems that rigorously assess and mange risks and remedies for information security.

ISO certification is an international designation – and it without a doubt proves that we have dedicated resources and a team to implement prevention and protection measures. But our goal is to go farther and provide secure control access to data environments. We utilize strong, secure data centers – including a Tier 4 data center – and comprehensive technical and organizational security measures for physical and virtual data protection.

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