SAP® GTIN-Connector

GS1-compliant master data automatically delivered to GDSN-certified data pools provide synchronization and mapping capabilities for data safety and accuracy. Integrated to identify and locate faulty data and product line mapping.

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The SpecPage GTIN-Connector is the premier comprehensive tool for SAP® users, helping them to send GS1 compliant material master data directly from their own SAP® ERP system to GDSN-certified data pools such as 1WorldSync.

The Central SAP® dashboard displays GDSN relevant data fields, like attributes and code lists, eliminating manual tasks by automatic fill for data fields and automatic publication of validated article data, transmitting master data directly from SAP® as well as non-SAP® solutions or Excel.

GDSN plausibility checks, like data pool or food regulation requirements, are integrated so that authorized shareholders can immediately see what data is missing or faulty, and either manually correct this data in the GTIN-Connector interface, or revise it in the relevant material maintenance transaction, such as MM02.

GDSN message choreography is included in the GTIN-Connector; the publication or communication of product data (CIP, CIN) and feedback from data pools and trade partners (CIC) is processed automatically and documented.  Automatic messaging allows users to see its target market or which GLN recipients obtained which information or data – and when the data was received.  Faulty data can be corrected and resubmitted when necessary.

  • Synchronization between materials administration and master data pools
  • Manual addition of data fields
  • Product line mapping
  • Creation of product profiles
  • Automatic publication in GDSN
  • Commercial information in GDSN

Comprehensive benefits

Compliment your SAP® system with the SpecPage GTIN-Connector to deliver a secure and automatic data exchange – update and synchronize product data with trading partners in accordance with the GS1 standards.

  • SAP® add-on designed in proprietary namespace
    The SAP® GTIN-Connector is incorporated in the user’s SAP® system without modifications, without requiring any databases or servers to be added – which saves money
  • A step ahead
    Because major GS1 clients use our SAP® GTIN-Connector, the tool is updated, developed and optimized on an ongoing basis. Client suggestions and ideas automatically flow into the development process as well as recommendations from GS1 / 1WorldSync
  • Ready for GDSN Major Release 3
    If changes occur in the GDSN data pool, you will always be able to access the latest and most up-to-date version – at no extra charge – as part of the maintenance agreement. This allows organizations to be prepared for future modifications of the data pool
  • A standard solution with high flexibility
    SAP® systems can be easily adapted and customized by one of your own SAP® specialists. No additional expertise for another system is required
  • Your SAP® system becomes a single source of truth
    End users are working in a familiar SAP® interface and can directly access the SAP® standard transactions (for example, MM02) to revise incorrect master data right at the source. This saves time during data preparation and clean-up

Why you need a GS1 GTIN connector

For SAP® users, the preparation and transmission of relevant pool data is usually a time consuming and stressful activity. The following challenges need to be addressed:

  • Difficult data preparation
    Frequently SAP® is the leading system for master data management. But in practice, some product information is kept also in additional data sources and external applications. Tedious searches and duplication of work lead to process delays. Due to system breaks, there is no unified view of the pool-relevant product data. The construction and maintenance of the data often proves to be difficult and confusing
  • Insufficient data verification
    An examination of existing master data for accuracy and GDSN compliance is often not possible because the expertise and capacity is lacking in many companies. Missing and incorrect content are claimed by the merchants, who receive product data, and needs to be revised or supplemented, resulting in inefficiency and high expense as well as a negatively impacts the relationship with the dealer
  • Tedious manual tasks
    Another challenge is the transmission of master data to the GDSN-certified data pool. Many manufacturers collect and publish their master data directly in the user interface of the master data pool. But these error-prone and high manual efforts cannot be justified under organizational and economic views
  • In-house developments are not feasible
    Especially for medium and large suppliers with a portfolio of hundreds or thousands of products automating data transfers makes sense. But the realization of complex data exchanges with 1Worldsync, not in the least taking into account the new requirements of the Major Release 3, requires SAP® expertise within the company at additional cost, which should not be underestimated. Even just the extensive maintenance of developing machine-to-machine interface into GDSN is not economical in the long term
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