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SpecPDM premier process solution leads the industry in functionality. It requires 90 percent less effort to implement and configure – and user training is simplified for increased revenue and a rapid return on your investment.

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SpecPDM has customizable templates for easy of use -Reports can be generated automatically, including allergen lists and product data sheets. Formulation histories may be recalled on-demand to provide transparency and traceability.

Certification-based work flow management, in accordance with ISO and IFS norms, as well as audit trails and data are part of the product development process. These features are available to authorized users on-demand. The centralized product data repository eliminates missing product information, data entry errors and time-consuming manual processing.

SpecPDM provides traceability via oversight and insight into the process history, from research and development, trials, simulations, food manufacturing, supply chain, labeling, quality control and management, to global regulatory compliance processes – delivering an end-to-end, comprehensive mapping process solution.

SpecPDM select features include:

  • The ability to evaluate and rate raw materials and suppliers as part of risk assessment
  • Sample stock management for testing, monitoring and evaluation
  • Interface classification for the creation of safety data sheets (MSDS)

The SpecPDM innovative software process solution revolutionizes organizations of all sizes; it equips businesses with the right tools to harness the power of digitization to accelerate time-to-market, increase revenue and improve global regulatory compliance.


PLM – Project management

  • Briefing and requirements
  • Activities and indicators can be linked to automated workflows
  • Checklists, product and vendor questionnaires and comments can be stored for easy access
  • Resource planning and management
  • Integrated document management support

Master Data Management

  • Raw materials; semi-finished and finished products, prices, nutritional values, allergens, certifications, packaging
  • Suppliers; contact including address, point of contact, materials, prices
  • Nutritional values database; BLS, Ciqual, USDA
  • Documentation; multiple suppliers/specifications per material or per recipe
  • Flexible search and reporting functionality
  • Document storage and management
  • Easily integrated with SpecPage online catalog

Formula management

  • Manage recipe ingredients, base data and calculations
  • Rapid recipe development, trials and simulations for base recipe and variations
  • Traceability for real-time recipe calculation when components and formulations change
  • Search and replacement of bulk changes to recipes
  • Traceability and history of recipe data records, variations and versions
  • Cost calculations including differential and cost rates
  • Assessment and tasting reports for each recipe variation

Formula Optimization & Simulation

  • Recipe ingredient comparison includes cost, nutritional values, amounts and costs
  • Evaluation and taste comparisons
  • Linear optimization to target nutritional values, requirements and ingredients
  • Comprehensive cost calculations including production, transport and storage costs
  • Vertical and horizontal calculations with price-simulators versus targets/budget


  • Automated management of product specification, ingredients and declarations list
  • Saves multiple templates
  • Automatic generation of reports; product data sheets, allergen lists
  • Histories, traceability
  • Certification-based management in accordance with ISO and IFS standards
  • Audit workflows

Labelling & Calculations

  • Nutritional facts
  • QUID in lists of ingredients
  • Allergen status; kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan, organic
  • Vitamins, minerals, acids
  • Recommended daily allowances
  • Critical alarm functions, excessive materials
  • Pre and post calculations
  • Task lists calculations of refunds and customer forms

Digital transformation empowers traceability and transparency for QC and accelerated time to market while eliminating global regulatory compliance challenges. Learn how to increase revenue and decrease costs, optimize data and streamline operations.

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Processing instructions

  • Machine processing of individual production steps by machine
  • Machine parameter with interfaces to unit and mixer production
  • Comprehensive processing instructions
  • Comprehensive process workflows
  • Staff and resource routing with operational times/cost rates

Risk management

  • Assessment for risks, raw materials and packaging
  • Differential rating by production location and country of origin
  • Definition of measurements and multilingual instructions
  • Validity periods

Complaint management

  • Customizable forms and reports to include graphical representation
  • Maintenance and management of complaints from suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Filtering and reporting for audits and evaluations
  • Automated workflow for emails
  • Classification of complaints
  • Systematic structure of individual entry forms and checklists


  • Flexible report generator
  • User-saved reports and queries for easy reporting research
  • Automatic report generator, findings distributed via email
  • Unlimited templates for specifications, test reports, certificates and recipe reports
  • Integrated list and label design function

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