Food Product Label Services

Clean labels as a single source of truth are imperative – we understand the requirements and can help you develop product labels to meet global regulatory requirements, satisfy consumer demands and increase market share.

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The SpecPage suite of solutions provides expert compliance with regulatory labeling requirements throughout Europe and China. Packaging and clean label requirements are a fundamental tool for food and beverage manufactures to inform trade partners and consumers about their products.

Studies and reputable research clearly indicate that health-conscious consumers demand accurate nutritional and allergen information and rely on labels to differentiate between brands when making purchasing decisions.

As consumer awareness increases, regulatory authorities have enforced more stringent policies and standards to protect consumers against false or misleading representation on product labels. SpecPage understands legal requirements and can help you develop product labels for distribution in multiple languages, for global consumption.

Food and Beverage Label Review

SpecPage suite of process solutions includes expert food and beverage label reviews.

  • Product assessment and revision of existing labeling practices, including product name, ingredients list, design, and format regarding relevant regulations
  • Support in the development of informative labels in accordance with the local legislations of target countries, in each respective language

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