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Comprehensive product information management integrates and coordinates product data across all communications channels . SpecPIM ensures accuracy and delivers consistent, up-to-date information to increase efficient productivity and streamline workflows from multiple sources, formats and communication channels.

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The SpecPIM process solution is focused on product data. It consolidates product data and information into a centralized repository to optimize distribution across authorized channels. Food and beverage producers generate massive reams of data; this data can easily become siloed, fragmented or lost without a comprehensive process solution to integrate, store and manage it.

Sales growth is often dependent or codependent on operational efficiency for new product launches; SpecPIM supports revenue growth by guaranteeing that out-of-date information does not negatively impact sales and customer experiences.


The information necessary to market, sell and distribute products resides within SpecPIM:

  • Accelerates time to market – product data is unified via innovative process solution to enhance flexibility and agility when confronted by changing market trends and conditions. New, and new-and-improved product launches are accomplished more quickly as product catalogues and portfolios are published at the push of a button – in real time.  Product change orders can be updated in seconds, across all channels
  • Operational efficiency and efficacy – a central repository for storing product information enriches operational proficiency and inventory accuracy. SpecPIM integrates seamlessly with enterprise resource planning and product lifecycle management process solutions to strengthen the consistency and transparency of product related processes by incorporating available data with external information
  • Enhanced customer retention – new product innovations and improved formulations get to your customer’s hands more quickly – but it is equally important to provide customers with the highest quality, most comprehensive product information for a consistent brand experience – both on and off line. More than 65 percent of adults shop online, so process solutions that provide stock availability, options, delivery time, and other crucial information on-demand achieve a competitive advantage

PIM coordinates and disseminates rapid change product information across all channels of communication, ensuring that your business ecosystem is up-to-date and dependable.  SpecPIM’s central set data repository can be used to feed information to websites, print catalogues, ERP systems and trading partners – thus orchestrating the data distribution for products to suppliers, customers and teams across the organization.


Digital transformation empowers traceability and transparency for QC and accelerated time to market while eliminating global regulatory compliance challenges. Learn how to increase revenue and decrease costs, optimize data and streamline operations.

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SpecPIM benefits and key differentiators:

  • Manages multiple SKUs within dynamic product ranges
  • Serves organizations with expansive, complex product portfolios that are frequently updated
  • Optimizes data generated from multiple sources
  • Delivers supply chain accuracy as a single source of truth for shareholders and customers
  • Provides access to multiple sales and marketing channels
  • Enables crucial first-to-market status
  • Empowers customers who seek product information both on and off-line
  • Advances comprehensive interdepartmental communications as required for best practices

SpecPIM delivers comprehensive product information management for data sheets, websites, CRM systems and marketing e-sales cycles.

As new products are created, and existing product lines are updated, materials status, suppliers, equipment, and other vital information can change. SpecPIM communicates these changes rapidly to maximize efficiency and minimize sales-cycle disruptions to new and current customers.  This innovative process solution prevents the dissemination of incorrect information, and stabilizes the sales cycle.

SpecPIM stores all product data – description, pricing, product configuration, shipping, logistics, taxation and reviews and minimizes delays on downstream processes when production conditions change, maintaining sales momentum in spite of trends or market shifts.

Data precision and flexibility are the hallmarks of SpecPIM.  For a unified view of product data across processes and systems, data analysis, holistic understanding of product marketing and materials, to manage the structure, validations, approvals, versioning and to enrich master data management for ecommerce website, web service, online portals and electronic catalogues, SpecPIM optimizes product data and delivers innovation for increased growth and sustainable profitability.

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