EHSA – Security Data Sheets (SDS)

Features-rich network solution delivers a platform for managing essential hazardous materials, their related applications, functions, and classifications. Its modular structure enhances the integrated evaluation of substances for food safety, restrictions, packaging and labeling.

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The SpecPage suite of solutions includes an integrated network solution for EHSA applications. The combination of technical expertise, state-of-the-art IT technology rich content and precise integration makes a difference considering the challenge of a REACH implementation. The short implementation cycle and reduced system complexity lowers the cost of implementation, operation and development of risk management systems.

The implications of the EU Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) have a substantial impact on risk management. The Global Harmonized System (GHS) for the globally unified classification and labeling of chemicals requires significant effort to comply with the rules – but innovative software support significantly reduces the time and personnel required for the implementation of such statutory requirements. SpecPage has enhanced the specification and recipe management system PDM with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) module. This is a features rich, value-added browser-based risk management solution for creating, managing, and prioritizing MSDS.

EHSA is commonly accepted as the industry-wide platform for all hazardous material-related aspects of environmental management for manufacturers and producers. SpecPage EHSA solutions links high quality data with information on amounts, suppliers, uses, and the registration of substances and preparations. The compliant creation and storage of all required documents in more than 30 languages, the regular legislative update, and extensive interfaces to ERP systems make EHSA the system of your choice.

EHSA is an internet or intranet-based risk management solution; it is a modular set up and has many different modules.

EHSA Healt and Safety


  • List of hazardous substances according to Annex 1 of Directive 67/548/EEC in the current issue published
  • Hazardous substance database according to UN list
  • Dangerous goods data for all modes of transport (ADR, RID, IMO, IATA, CFR, TDGR, SDR, ADNR)
  • International and national occupational exposure limit value list
  • International and national lists like WHC, VOC, poisonous list
  • Phrases for SDB, operating instructions and labels in all EU and most Eastern European languages
  • Emergency cards in all ADR languages


  • The label module in EHSA optimizes logistical operations: up to 100 percent of the set, layout and correction costs and up to 80 percent of the printing costs can be dropped. The EHSA database provides the content, authorized users define the layout, including size and logo. Both print and transfer-to-printers can print lab labels up to A3

Data Maintenance

  • Simplified MSDS, EHSA
  • EHSA makes documenting and managing efficient for all products, preparations and hazardous materials. Proprietary data formats can be integrated as well as the output of the data in custom-created formats. The output and storage of all documents such as safety data sheets can be created in more than 30 languages. Search and print output are integrated into the organization’s website
  • Acquisitions of proprietary text blocks stored in all languages ​​is permissble for authorized shareholders
  • Administrative permissions can be authorized and adjusted for workspaces, functions, read/write accesses, user interfaces are available in multiple languages

Dangerous Goods Management

  • Features rich product classification independently determines Dangerous Goods. EHSA supports managers in the hazardous materials area when checking the product classification by providing all transportation requirements for a given classification, ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • The database includes road transport (ADR / RID), rail (RID / GGVE), air (IATA) and maritime transport (IMDG), and is continuously updated
  • Quality of data entry and maintenance is a primary priority

Classification and Labeling

  • The classification module helps producers evaluate products according to legislation regarding chemicals. The system evaluates substances and preparations, as pertains to the interests of trade circulation – prohibitions, restrictions, classification, packaging, labeling – and applies the relevant provisions. This also goes for products in the form of aerosols, biocidal products and plant protection products
  • Unique features included are performance of classification and labeling in accordance with different laws and regulatory requirements, classification module in accordance with GHS, extensive documentation for master data, regulations, and laws used for the calculation are also included in the module. This information and data can be used as REACH documentation


  • The management of EHSA status offers a differentiated management of the data from release to archiving, with particular attention paid to data consistency
  • Archived data can be retrieved on-demand, so questions concerning the properties of hazardous substances, preparations and products previously used are documented and easily accessed

Automated Delivery

  • EHSA assumes the management and automated delivery of material safety data sheets in accordance with the statutory provisions, as well as interfaces common ERP and materials management software while integrating EHSA into relevant business processes


  • Hazardous materials management in the context of chemical legislation requires a broad information management system
  • Standardized input / output modules for data acquisition
  • Interfaces for all providers of ERP systems and materials management systems
  • Full integration with materials management and logistics systems
  • Data acquisition by ISI and EDAS
  • Output data in formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, or in SAP IDOC

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