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Interconnected adaptable, seamless access for advanced go-to-market strategies that optimize data and enable digital transformation for Industry 4.0. Enhanced transparency, traceability, and improved product information for increased ROI.

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SpecPage Buyer’s Guide delivers interconnected, adaptable, seamless access to accurate product information and local distributors. This is a 100 quickstart software process solution for an active go-to-market strategy to reach customers and achieve a substantial competitive advantage by optimizing data.

The Buyer’s Guide helps to define market objectives and value propositions for given product lines, targeting channel and indirect channel partners where products may be offered.  This online catalog enables buyers and potential buyers to quickly access information about existing products and new offerings.

It provides accurate, real-time product source information, including specifications data.  The Buyer’s Guide is also cohesively integrated with the GDSN to ensure regulatory compliance and certifications.

The Buyer’s Guide enables purchasing decisions to be made confidently, with the knowledge that the necessary information is accurate and up-to-date.  It includes a wide array of both regional and international supplier and distribution information.

  • Easy access to published product information in GDSN
  • Support with GS1 initiatives and data downloads
  • Compilation of regional and international supplier and distributor lists for product purchase
  • Printable data and specification sheets
  • Value-added list creation and search functions

This solution provides a proven system to securely share reliable, accurate product information, increase brand awareness and generate leads. It integrates flawlessly with online catalog systems and connects custom product libraries with detailed specifications.

The Buyer’s Guide offers customizable go-to-market solutions for suppliers and distributors in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.   The SpecPage suite of solutions provides the foundation and framework for the creation of personalized, user-friendly online catalogs for the distribution and marketing of product information, including printable specification sheets.

Manufacturers and product managers can set up a customized personal library of item information to include detailed specifications, videos, MSDS, ingredients, and health information as well as images of an item.

Product data and information can be published in the product catalog through GDSN, and suppliers can present product portfolios – as well as direct contact distributors that seek specific products. SpecPage Buyer’s Guide optimizes product data; clients can easily find regulatory information, specification and analysis online instead of searching through print catalogs.  Additional benefits include the ability to print, mail and email the data, as well as to examine user statistics, ptoviding an analytics tool to evaluate which products have the most traffic and potential client views.

  • Organization and maintenance of product data information through customizable library
  • Linking product information through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
  • Support for data uploads and publication
  • Access GS1 initiative and upload product data
  • Specification sheets for sales and branding
  • Product information for distributors to populate ERP and online catalog system
  • Online marketing and lead generation for suppliers and distributors

The Buyer’s Guide delivers easy access to specifications, videos, MSDS, ingredients and health information as well as product images.

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