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Product lifecycle management (PLM) delivers a dependable and reliable foundation for digital transformation – a single source of truth, transparency and traceability are created when manufacturers employ an innovative, end-to-end PLM process solution.

In order to achieve maximum tangible and measurable benefits from product processes, manufacturers must effectively manage their data. Product data is the key to increased revenue and return on investment. PLM is the proven tool to provide enhanced transparency, traceability, supplier management and global legal compliance.

PLM Pillars

PLM optimizes food and beverage producers’ greatest asset – their data. It provides opportunities to control costs and increase quality from ideation to finished product.

Prior to research and development, when supplier costs and availability determine the profit margin for a product, PLM tracks the source of raw ingredients, processing date, expiration date and allergen information – all information necessary to make the best decisions for procurement, vendor selection and raw materials costs via supplier management.

PLM innovative process solutions are global project and portfolio management frameworks, they support new product innovations and possess the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing international regulatory compliance ordinances, laws and requirements.

Traceability, comprehensive, accurate product data that enables materials and recipes

Traceability, comprehensive, accurate product data that enables materials and recipe specifications management throughout the entire product structure and lifecycle are simplified with PLM process solutions.

Human error, data duplication and duplicated labor efforts as well as data entry errors often occur with repetitive tasks – but automation and digitization will eliminate error rates and inaccuracies and inefficiencies, providing opportunities to allocate team talents to profit-generating tasks.

PLM empowers adaptive functionality, reducing costs and supporting the agile development of new and exciting products.

PLM is the most essential tool to achieve competitive advantages in the food and beverage industry:

  • Raw materials identification and quality control are simplified
  • Online forms allow easy upload and revision for product-related data
  • Product and process information can be shared with users across teams, departments – from the factory floor on authorized devices
  • Product and label designs can be shared with authorized stakeholders, changes are immediate, and information may be accessed remotely by developers
  • Efficient inventory management
  • First-to-market status achievable to advance consumer demands

PLM – Return on Investment

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