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The Technology Headlines – A Leading 4.0 Solution Provider
In the latest edition of the The Technology Headlines, the editorial team has taken an initiative to look into the current state of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. SpecPage was selected as one of the leaders to bring new value to the wide array of businesses.

Nutritional Outlook December 2019 – Streamlining food and beverage production:
Why using a Product Lifecycle Management system is a must for transparency, traceability, and efficiency.

Cream of the crop: Severin Weiss
Employed in an executive capacity since the age of 27, it was a matter of when, not if, the entrepreneurial Severin Weiss would run his own company.

SpecPage: Global Leader of Enhanced Digital Product Lifecycle Management
Companies are on the hunt for ways to streamline product development. Successful new products are directly dependent on a company’s ability to harvest new ideas and screen them to generate new sources of innovation constantly. Unfortunately, most companies do not have a good system in place to turn new ideas into successful new products. Food and Beverage companies also rely on manual and time-consuming coordination of product development activities. SpecPage is a company making product innovation more effective by digitizing every stage of product development and put predictive models in place to determine the best chance of its product’s success.

The challenges of upgrading legacy control systems
A legacy control system may be running just fine, but processors need to be prepared to replace it.

SpecPage: Innovating food made easy
From strict regulatory requirements and increased consumer awareness to price sensitivity and more complex supply chains, today’s manufacturers in the food and beverage industry have been facing numerous challenges to produce innovative products efficiently.

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital (Former Credit Suisse) invests in data management solutions provider SpecPage
SpecPage, which enhances digital solutions for the recipe-based manufacturing industry, is to partner with SVC Ltd., part of Credit Suisse, for risk capital for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SVC Ltd. currently promotes Switzerland as a center for business while also allowing unique Swiss businesses to leverage their “high qualitative standards in niche industries across the world.”

Fighting food fraud with the right tools
Analytical and software tools make it easier to manage suppliers and weed out fraudulent ones.

Today’s Grocer – Guest editorials
Transparency and traceability have emerged as two of the most crucial concerns in the recipe-based food and beverage industry.

How to Convince Your C-Suite to Embrace Product Lifecycle Management Solutions
C-suites are often out of touch with the struggles of employees on the forefront — especially as they relate to an increasingly data-rich landscape driven by digital innovation. As traditional big-picture thinkers, those within the C-suite may not be focused on innovative digital technologies. Recipe-based food and beverage manufacturers are no exception to this trend.

SpecPage Earns Coveted ISO 27001 Certification from Bureau Veritas Group
ISO 27001 Certification is the international standard for best practices in information security systems.

Technological solution to manufactured food pollution
One the leading sources of the world’s ballooning ecological footprint are the costs and energy emissions associated with manufacturing recipe-based food products along with the buying habits of consumers. However, there’s a technological solution.

Kraft Heinz-Campbell’s: merger talk not a bad thing, says analyst
A potential merger between food giants Kraft Heinz and Campbell Soup would “not be a bad thing” and would play into the wider trend of “legacy CPG brands making an attempt to transform with the changing consumer”, according to a key industry analyst.

As Grocery shopping evolves, Supermarkets partner with Meal Kit Services
Meal kit delivery services have changed the grocery game, and brick-and-mortar supermarkets are taking notice.

Why menu labeling rules are an opportunity for chains
Today’s customer demands trustworthy and transparent information. The goal for chain restaurants is to put important nutritional information front and center.

Transparency and technology go hand in hand for F&B manufacturers
Recipe-based food and beverage manufacturers must use technology to ensure legal compliance, meet everyone’s product information needs and position themselves to adapt and prosper over time.

How label transparency builds consumer trust
A recent study by Label Insight found that nearly all consumers (94 percent) are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers full transparency about its products. That means food and beverage manufacturers must deliver with every label and package or risk losing wallet share.

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