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Working smarter matters – at SpecPage we recognize the power of partnerships to meet the challenges manufacturers face, and the necessity to optimize essential resources in order to help them achieve sustainable growth and success. SpecPage has developed a series of partnership opportunities designed to drive global expansion and increase profits for value-added-resellers and systems integrators.

SpecPage delivers a comprehensive suite of software solutions for food and beverage producers, including cloud-based and on-premise subscription-based PLM and product data management processes.

Engage with integrity

SpecPage partnerships quickly and efficiently deliver value to both customers and partners. We are committed to an engaged partner relationship that delivers tangible benefits to food and beverage producers and residual revenue opportunities for partners.

Working with SpecPage delivers a win-win-win; end-use customers have expert support in their community, partners earn residual income and receive sales, education, communications and marketing support – and SpecPage expands their ability to help more food manufacturers produce better quality products.
We understand that honesty and integrity are the foundation for collaborative, scalable partnerships and seek to develop a differentiated network of partners in the following areas:

Value-Added Reseller Partners

VAR partners offer regional and/or global integrated or turn-key services that include one or more of the SpecPage suite of solutions in exchange for residual revenue.   VAR partnerships employ highly specialized experience and knowledge of PLM, including project management, business consulting, process reengineering, implementation and integration performance. Please contact us for additional information and to partner with SpecPage as a Value-Added-Seller.

SpecPage Partner Horsa

HORSA is the leading industrial communications technology group in Italy and the United Kingdom. HORSA experts provide excellence in systems solutions and integration, particularly for ERP, CRM and business analytics. They invest in innovative technologies – Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Predictive Analytics, Ecommerce – selecting the best products to integrate with IT infrastructures, increase ROI and deliver sustainable profitability.

SpecPage Partner Logo Fapic

FAPIC Global specializes in transformative collaboration that delivers vital connections for food manufacturers and professionals in the food and beverage industry. They are the one-stop-shop for trustworthy, reliable IT and global regulatory compliance solutions to accelerate time to market and develop strategic production, quality and safety innovations.

Precise Logo

The Precise Group, an IT services organization that specializes in the food and beverage industry. Precise helps manufacturers define and execute tactical processes and systems to enable innovation and efficient operations management. Precise is a PLM consultancy group in Taiwan and Greater China to specialize in food safety and transparency in the supply chain.

Logo innofact

Innofact is a company headquartered in Campinas, Brazil, focusing on providing IT solutions to improve the Innovation Management, product development, supply chain planning and supply chain execution business processes. As a highly specialized consulting firm, Innofact distinguishes itself for the deep of expertise and experience of its team.

Accestra Consulting is a professional technical service provider specialized in regulatory compliance consulting for overseas enterprises to access target Asian markets.

T Systems ITC Iberia SA offers information technology and communication services. PLM from the cloud. Product development and data management at the highest level. T-Systems PLM products connect development partners with a broad portfolio.

Referral Partners

Consultation partners or technology-based organizations with a level of expertise in product lifecycle and product data management.  Referral partners understand that PLM has proven to be the most essential tool to accelerate time to market, enhance support for global regulatory compliance, increase revenue and return on investment, and reduce product costs while improving product quality. Referral partners are compensated for each lead that produces a sale. Please contact us for additional information and to become a Referral Partner with SpecPage.

Technology Partners

Integrate and enhance complementary technology and cross-pollinate SpecPage’s primary platform of software process solutions to maximize potential market profits. These partners connect and integrate technology silos to optimize functionality for end-users in the food and beverage industry. Please contact us for additional information regarding our Technology Partner program.

Microsoft Gold Certified Logo
Citrix Logo
1 World Sync Logo
Decernis Logo
Specpage Partner GloLIB
Specpage Partner b-synced
Specpage Partner atrify

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners primarily broaden the SpecPage network and our global footprint to increase international sales and distribution of our suite of solutions. These partners enhance brand visibility and create a wider regional and global network with specific processes that empower innovation via product lifecycle and data management, as well as operational efficiencies. Please contact us for additional information regarding our Strategic Partners program.

SpecPage proudly partners with The Precise Group, an IT services organization that specializes in the food and beverage industry. Precise helps manufacturers define and execute tactical processes and systems to enable innovation and efficient operations management. Precise is the only PLM consultancy group in Greater China to specialize in food safety and transparency in the supply chain.

SpecPage empowers Partners

SpecPage partners experience a series of unrivaled resources and benefits that are designed to jumpstart your training and optimize the path to profitability.

  • Training – the most comprehensive training program available in our industry – including technical, implementation, sales and service training
  • Support – take your sales expertise to the next level with our all-inclusive support program. Includes unparalleled communications and marketing support, materials, software and on-going guidance and assistance
  • Residual revenue – for SaaS or maintenance, we offer opportunities to earn predictive, stable, recurring compensation
  • Coordinated enablement – allows you to reach your potential faster, and deliver better results to your clients. SpecPage supports your efforts in tandem, we are with you until you are ready to fly solo
  • Consulting returns – put your expertise to work and reap financial benefits with SpecPage Referral partnership
  • Lead generation – SpecPage marketing and communications efforts provide a steady stream of leads
  • Enhanced support for sales – our collaborative, partner-specific resources includes go-to-market tools to enhance your efforts and deliver value to you, and your client
Value Added Reseller

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