Simplify product development

Simplify product development
The food and beverage manufacturing industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year – and is poised for explosive growth as consumer demands for clean labels, traceability and sustainably sourced products continues to intensify.

PIM for the food and beverage industry

To increase market share, organizations must operate at optimal capacity – that means quick-to-market reaction and employing best practices to streamline operations while embracing every opportunity to obtain a competitive advantage.

Organizations that employ traditional supply chain processes involving spreadsheets and antiquated change-cycle procedures simply cannot compete with food manufacturers who deploy SpecPage’s innovative process solutions.

Harnessing the power of the SpecPage suite of solutions will support and enhance recipe-based production from ideation, to research and development, inception, recipe integration, regulatory compliance, auditing, and reporting. Our PLM and compliance solutions include product information management (PIM) and laboratory management (LIMS). For GS1-GDSN connectivity, SpecPage provides the most comprehensive solution for global regulatory compliance, enabling recipe and specification standards for attributions, data quality, data sharing and synchronization compliance standards.

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