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SpecPage is a certified solution partner of 1WorldSync and participates in the largest certified data pool in the Global Data Synchronization Network, (GDSN). The Global Data Synchronization Network is a cloud-based, interconnected network of interoperable data pools, alongside a global registry, (GS1), that allows organizations to exchange standardized supply chain data with partners and other participants. GDSN provides assurances that the data is accurate and compliant with globally recognized and supported standards.

Global Data Synchronization Network

SpecPage provides information via the GDSN Guide and other educational tools to help manufacturers with quick-start participation.  Joining GDSN is practically a global initiative – suppliers and distributors can share product information that is continuously updated in real-time while data is automatically synced for international market distribution.

Specifications and data information can be shared with clients and authorized contributors by publishing and downloading.

GDSN benefits include:

  • Data certification
  • Improved accuracy
  • Online catalog visibility
  • Synchronizations provides data consistency across manufacturers UPC codes, (GTINs) are provided for scanning ease

For each product manufactured, specifications must be collected and categorized prior to the release of the finished goods and their global distribution. SpecPage innovative process solutions provide the tools to share the information with clients by publishing it on SpecPDM, to ensure enhanced regulatory compliance and eliminate data errors, while confirming that the data has been properly validated.

The ability to confirm whether the data is GDSN-certified provides a competitive advantage for manufacturers who choose to participate in the global marketplace.

GDSN Discovery Workshops – SpecPage offers personalized, interactive online workshops to illustrate the tangible benefits of developing and managing quality data using SAP GDSN data pools in accordance with the business needs of your organization.

These workshops are designed for master data and project management team members as well as IT leadership and C-suites with responsibility for ROI and global regulatory compliance.

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Global Data Synchronization Network.

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