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Towards globally uniform blockchain-based PDM/PLM services and solutions

2019-07-11T09:25:18+02:00Food IT|

The availability of coherent and uniform data structures remains one of the pressing issues in globalization, effective supply chain utilization, competition and "oversight." The food and beverage industry depends on accurate and timely manufacturing data, which must be increasingly available and accessible on a global level while remaining secure. Additionally, the industry inhibits a strong push toward "traceability" of the specifications, ingredients, sources and processes along the complex supply chain spanning across continents, regulatory regimes and traditions.

Towards global Food & Beverage PDM security requirements

2019-07-10T14:25:42+02:00Food IT|

Just as cyberspace spans across market and regulatory regimes, continents and from island to island, so do vulnerabilities and attacks. In cyberspace, all businesses are in the same boat when it comes to security, yet each is subject to different regulatory requirements. If they could do it today for local markets, to truly benefit from global supply chains and be prepared for possible mergers and acquisitions, it makes a lot of sense for global businesses to ensure that in the least, their product lifecycle management security is aligned with global data security standards.

SaaS or Cloud – Approaching global business regimes for food and beverage companies through distinctive PLM infrastructure options

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Security is becoming an increasingly multi-faceted and multi-dimensional concept in global cyberspace. Product data management is a key asset in the manufacturing business, and now, more than ever, in the era of global business supply chain structures in cyberspace, the security of product data and its lifecycle becomes all the more crucial. Outdated border-based security frameworks, strong defenses and internal black-box mechanisms may no longer be able to serve the needs of global businesses. Regulatory complexities, such as recent trade embargo rulings, for example, directly impact global supply chain management of the food and beverage manufacturing sector and their inherent PLM systems.

On the imperialist implications of food and beverage of global blockchain models

2019-07-10T14:04:14+02:00Food IT|

Blockchain-based global product lifecycle management systems, together with other cyberspace phenomena, are seeking totalitarian dominance over supply chains, creating a detailed data model product lifecycle starting from before the ingredients existed to well into future potential events, as these events can be predicted based on comprehensive learned and collected data concerning the particular item or its ingredients.

Competitive advantage through ISO 27001 security certification for Master Data Management

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According to an ISO27001 Global Report 2016, over half (56%) of the respondents indicated that gaining a competitive advantage was a major motivation for them to acquire certification. SpecPage's ISO27001 certification will definitely be a push for customers to implement SpecPage products and services, including the Product Lifecycle and Data Management (PLM, PDM) software and services. A key fact to point out is that ISO certifications are granted to companies rather than specific products or services.

Cloud- or SaaS-hosted PLM for the Food & Beverage Industry?

2019-07-10T11:54:28+02:00Food IT|

Supply chain security is a hot topic today, and various recent cyberattacks have indeed used vulnerabilities found in supply chain processes and providers to gain entry and access to their main target. Product lifecycle management services and associated tools play a key role as enabler for competition and as a frontline defense to safeguard essential business assets.

GDSN® Initiative – Are you ready to boost your sales and break into the Chinese marketplace?

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Alibaba Group was established in 1999 with a mission "to make it easy to do business anywhere." The founders started the Alibaba Group to champion small businesses, in the belief that the Internet would level the playing field by enabling small enterprises to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in the domestic and global economies.

How S/4HANA (ERP) goes hand in hand SpecPDM to make the journey smoother

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SAP S/4HANA is an ERP suite and is used to manage financials and reporting processes. These processes basically revolve around activities of accounting, sales forecasting, manufacturing planning and execution, as well as support and shipping logistics. The ERP suite also assists organizations in planning orders and tracking profitability by providing manufacturers with a real-time visualization of their financial status. With an ERP system in place, companies can track orders from receipt to production and delivery in order to gain a better understanding of inventory levels, delivery lead times and production bottlenecks.

Integrating PLM/PDM Software into SAP

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Nothing beats that fresh taste of an earned drink in the wake of a monotonous day. In any case, when that one most loved drink is out of stock, sheer dissatisfaction sets in quickly. Eckes-Granini, with annual revenue of 900 million Euros, has made it its central goal to guarantee that no client’s thirst is left unquenched. By tapping into its high volume information sources, the German producer and supplier of numerous brands, Granini, Eckes Traubensaft, Pago, Yo, FruchtTiger and Hohes C, amongst others is picking up knowledge of its every day operational coordination, which is instrumental in taking care of customer demand throughout its retail channel. The same holds true for most of the well-known corporations in the world.

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