Authenticity, fraud and food safety

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According to the National Institute of Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine, food fraud is a global epidemic. Deceitful practices in the food and beverage industry costs millions of dollars, disrupt the market for a myriad of products, erode consumer confidence in manufacturers and damage the reputation of entire sectors of the industry.

Scientific debate around risk assessment of packages with food contact

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Urban gardening, open source gardens or a simple vegetable patch in your backyard – the trend is toward do-it-yourself farm-to-table living. Regardless of whether it is the obligatory basil pot, tomato plants on the balcony or a raised garden bed with potatoes, cucumbers, onions and carrots - many people have stopped trusting industrial and mass-produced grocery store goods. Food and beverage manufacturers are facing their greatest challenge - risk assessment of materials that come into contact with food.

The Food & Beverage Industry is Heading Towards Greater Transparency with Green Labels

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Consumers today are better informed about product safety and purity than they were a decade ago. Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious about their purchase decisions and are increasingly contentious about only buying food that is safe and healthy.

Nutrition Labels – What Customers Want to Know and How Manufacturers Can Ensure Compliance

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Consumers have become more conscious about the contents of the products they consume. They want to know what is in the product, when it was manufactured and how long it will remain fresh, the amount of sugar, calories, grams of fat, and whether the food or beverage is genetically modified, natural or organic. How can manufacturers engaging in recipe-based production respond to evolving consumer preferences?

Food and Safety – 5 Essentials for Food Specification Management Guaranteeing Food Safety and Exceptional Product Quality

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Food safety is a top priority for anyone operating in the Food & Beverage industry. Only when companies consistently provide safe and quality will customers make repeat purchases.Without standardized procedures in place, companies may be unable to control the quality of their end-product. If consumed, these contaminated products will result in the consumer developing a host of health problems. If left unchecked, mistakes in the product manufacturing process can lead to fatalities.

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