Product Data Management 4.0 – The Importance of Digital Transformation for QM in the Food Industry


Do you know the biggest adversary of digitization? He is white, can weigh tons and usually needs a lot of space. We are talking about paper. Many food companies continue to rely on manual and paper-based data storage and product data management (PDM). This is neither sustainable nor able to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 and thus Product Data Management 4.0. But it is precisely these digital requirements that are essential for every company that wants to survive in the long term. It's time that PDM evolved into PDM 4.0. What that means, read in this article.

Safe, accurate labeling with compliance guide and supplier’s guide

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Consumer confidence is a manufacturer’s most valuable asset. The best way for consumers to learn about food safety is by reading the label. The accurate end-to-end information that is provided on the label lists all important information related to nutritional values, ingredients, origin, and manufacturer.

Authenticity, fraud and food safety

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According to the National Institute of Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine, food fraud is a global epidemic. Deceitful practices in the food and beverage industry costs millions of dollars, disrupt the market for a myriad of products, erode consumer confidence in manufacturers and damage the reputation of entire sectors of the industry.

More efficient product development for resource-strapped times

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Heal the world and make it a better place. That was pop icon Michael Jackson's vision in 1992. Now, 25 years later, his message is more urgent than ever. After decades and centuries of waste, people are now faced with diminishing natural resources that will eventually be depleted from the planet. This will be a certain demise unless people and industry change their behavior. What do increasing customer demand and product complexity have to do with this issue? Read more in this blog and learn how and why more efficient product development with intelligent software can be a solution to this pressing problem.

Optimizing Product Development in the Food & Beverage Industry

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The Food & Beverage industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. With new players entering the arena each day, the need for optimizing product development rises. Companies reap multiple benefits when processes and activities involved in new Product Development and Product Management stages are controlled and made operationally efficient.

Food and Safety – 5 Essentials for Food Specification Management Guaranteeing Food Safety and Exceptional Product Quality

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Food safety is a top priority for anyone operating in the Food & Beverage industry. Only when companies consistently provide safe and quality will customers make repeat purchases.Without standardized procedures in place, companies may be unable to control the quality of their end-product. If consumed, these contaminated products will result in the consumer developing a host of health problems. If left unchecked, mistakes in the product manufacturing process can lead to fatalities.

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