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Digitizing to boost productivity and profitability

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Savvy food and beverage manufacturers know that our industry is constantly reinventing itself. More than 30,000 new products are introduced by food and beverage producers every year. According to the USDA, the new products are primarily snacks, bakery foods, sauces, dressing and condiments. The greatest challenge for manufacturers is to shift quickly to meet consumer demands – while decreasing costs, adding value and empowering enterprise-wide innovation.

Product Data Management 4.0 – these are the trends

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With the advancement of the digital transformation, one fundamental assumption has become prevalent: data is the oil of the 21st century. Anyone who manages to collect, read out and use data effectively is well on the way to becoming a sustainable company. For the food industry as well, this means spending more time and money on proper product data management. But PDM is not equal to PDM. Finding the right system can mean a lot of work. First of all, there are some key questions to answer: Which data is relevant? Which data help your own insights, which help the customer / customer? Which data increase the costs of quality management, which lower it? And how can compliance be maintained?

Managing Food Safety Data Using LIMS for Food and Beverage Industry

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Food and beverage manufacturing is a global endeavor. Products may be manufactured in one facility, but the ingredients going into said products most likely come from around the world, and eventually finished products will end up back in the global marketplace. The nature of a global food supply chain dictates the need for inspection, quality control and safety protocols. The challenge that food and beverage processors face is the need to comply with not only their local regulations around food safety, but also those of the countries to which they sell to.

Managing and Mitigating Risk in The Food & Beverages Industry Using Technology- Enabled Risk Management

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The Food & Beverage Industry is one of the most dynamic industries around. Just as in the world of fashion, the food sector too experiences constant evolution. The changing industrial climate makes this industry particularly challenging for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers alike.

Optimizing Product Development in the Food & Beverage Industry

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The Food & Beverage industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. With new players entering the arena each day, the need for optimizing product development rises. Companies reap multiple benefits when processes and activities involved in new Product Development and Product Management stages are controlled and made operationally efficient.

Consistent Product Data Management in the Food and Beverages Industry

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Ensuring product quality is one of the most important activities that businesses need to engage in. The first step here is to ensure that there is consistent reporting of all processes followed and all materials used. Data management is useful in keeping all product-related records up-to-date.

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