CNN says accurate, comprehensive label data driving F&B industry

Millennials demand transparency and traceability

In a recent interview with SpecPage CEO Severin Weiss, CNN reporter Ana Maria Montero detailed trending economic drivers for the food and beverage industry, citing transparency and traceability as the key focus for millennial customers.  

Weiss revealed specific strategies for food producers who seek to compete on international levels and grow their global market share.  Many manufacturers still use archaic spreadsheets to track and trace information, from raw ingredients through the life of the product.  This leads to inadvertent errors that compromise product quality.  These mistakes are easily eliminated, Weiss said, with comprehensive product lifecycle and product data management process solutions that engage every aspect of development and manufacturing.   

Weiss added, “SpecPDM delivers the most accurate workflow driven data, and it can be accessed on-demand by research and development and quality control managers – all shareholders – to ensure accurate labeling and compliance with global regulations.”

SpecPage customers, like Nestle, Lindt, Migros and Dr. Oetker, as well as other industry leaders employ the company’s suite of solutions to support new product innovation and provide transparency to their customers. 

Montero noted that Weiss appears to be ahead of the curve, providing solutions that support the data millennials demand.  Weiss’s humility aside, his development of software that was designed specifically for the unique and complex world of innovative product development in the food industry has created massive growth opportunities for SpecPage. 

Big brands, Weiss said, have learned in recent years that consumer trust is a most valued asset and it is not guaranteed.  “The key drivers for consumers are transparency, traceability, food safety and accurate labels.  They want to know what is in their food.  Particularly millennials – they demand to know what is in the food they feed their children and they don’t have a lot of trust.  They want to see the facts up front on the label.”

Weiss quickly switched from the consumer to the manufacturer’s perspective; “Producers must be competitive on a global scale; the world is become much smaller.  I believe we must all ‘act global, think local’ because that is the best way to serve your customers, whether you are talking about software, or food products.”    

He added, “The path to success is paved with comprehensive, accurate product data that leads to innovation and global regulatory compliance for food producers and reliable, trustworthy, really great products for consumers – and that is a win-win.”

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